Senior raises money for charity through baking

Senior Morgan May has brought bakery to a whole new level.

Beginning in July, May created a cupcake business to benefit an international non-profit organization. Her business, Sweet Connections, has raised money toward clean water through one of her favorite charities, Charity: Water.

“I am giving all of the proceeds (from Sweet Connections) to Charity: Water because sadly, many people around the world do not have access to clean water, yet clean water is vital to life,” May said. “We so easily turn on the faucet, use the drinking fountain, take 20-minute showers, and flush the toilet while many don’t even have clean water to drink daily.”

Charity: Water’s current area of concentration is India, and May said she is excited about this because she is in love with the Indian culture.

“With the overflowing population there and the extreme poverty in the northern and eastern parts of the country, water is easily contaminated because many people use the loo in the streets and it washes into the water supply,” May said. “Clean water is a beautiful thing that can change lives miraculously and that is why I chose to make it my focus. I’m completely in love with the idea providing clean water.”

Sweet Connections is a promising bakery company, run out of May’s house.

“(I make) cupcakes, of course,” May said. “I make all of the cupcakes, and I use my family as taste testers. I make the cupcakes at my house and bring them to places to sell, or some people make orders and come to pick them up, or I bring the cupcakes to them.”

Although Sweet Connections is run by May, she said her family and friends have supported and inspired her.

“My friends and family have been extremely helpful,” May said. “They have all been very supportive and helpful whenever they can. My dad has helped me a lot with marketing ideas, and my mom has helped me by supporting me through different business and financial decisions. I look up to both of them greatly.”

May’s charitable side began to develop as a young girl, she said.

“Helping others has been a passion of mine since I was a very small child,” May said. “My parents helped me live my passion when I was little by helping me get involved with charities like Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity – as like a 7-year-old. I was honestly so deeply affected by knowing of issues like poverty that I hate things like Christmas because I know there are others who barely have food to eat, let alone luxuries such as Christmas gifts.”

So May created Sweet Connections.

Senior Morgan May's cupcake boxes

Senior Morgan May’s cupcake boxes

“I really wanted to provide an easy way to inform others on the issue of poverty and clean water and help them get involved,” May said, “while also making a difference directly for the people who are in need of clean water.”

May is especially passionate about this organization because she says water is vital to life.

“I love Charity: Water and what they are doing to help this issue,” May said. “They’re amazing people, and I’m glad I found a charity that is a non-profit like me and has helped change so many lives so greatly.”

However, on the economic side, May said she has faced challenges over the past few months.

“The hardest part of having this business is getting people not only to take the time to really see the cause but become a part of it and donate,” May said. “Advertising and selling a product is difficult no matter what you are selling. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and small business owners who have had a lot of experience, so I go to them when I need some help.”

As school begins, May said she looks forward to new opportunities to expand Sweet Connections.

“I really hope school starting will benefit my business, with the help of school events and different clubs,” May said. “I will be incredibly busy this school year with a number of things, but this is very important to me so I will still continue my business.”

The best thing about Sweet Connections, May said, is the joy of others.

“My favorite part so far has been when people around me get excited about my business,” May said. “It is really gratifying when the most unlikely people are enthusiastic and truly excited about my business. It is a great feeling to know that others support me and are sharing my passion in helping others.” – Abby Bryson, profiles editor


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